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Reserve your seat for the 7th Dutch Seed Symposium on 2 October 2018


It’s a tradition: Tuesday of week 40 is Dutch Seed Symposium day. And in contrast to other traditions, the Dutch Seed Symposium becomes more and more an event of impact. The organising committee consists of people from the companies and they brought together an interesting programme. The programme is full of interesting speakers; the audience is full of interesting people to meet. If you work with or are interested in seeds, seed physiology or seed production, this is a symposium you shouldn’t miss. Registration is open until 27 September.

Speakers are:

  • Christa Testerink - Wageningen UR
  • Dolf Weijers - Wageningen UR
  • Gwyneth Ingram - laboratoire Reproduction et Développement des Plantes, ENS de Lyon
  • Louise Colville - Royal Botanic Gardens  Kew
  • Paul Hendrikx - Sakata Ornamentals EMEA
  • Pim Lindhout - Solynta
  • Thijs Fijen - Wageningen UR
  • Umidjon Shapulatov - Wageningen UR

Chair of the symposium will be Agnes Chardonnens, Head Operations Technology at Bayer Vegetable Seeds

The 7th Dutch Seed Symposium will be held at Tuesday 2 October 2018 in Wageningen.
The programme will bring seed science and seed business together and invited both national and international speakers from academia and the seed businesses. The Symposium is an initiative of Dutch seed companies, associated in Plantum.

The full programme and the registration can be found at www.DutchSeedSymposium.com. Participation is open for members and non-members of Plantum. For participating an entrance fee of €100,-- per person including lunch will be charged with a maximum of €600,-- per company for six or more participants of one company. Students can register for the special price of €45,-- per person including lunch. The entrance fee is to cover the actual costs. The Symposium doesn’t make any profit. 

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  • Door: julia zinsmeister Op: 14-09-2018
    Laboratory of Plant physiology, Wageningen University

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