Dutch Seed Symposium

get inspired with your colleagues and new talents in the field of seed physiology

We hope you enjoyed the 10th Dutch Seed Symposium.

Please find below the presentations that could be shared or the contact details from the speakers.

  • The role of seed apoplastic barriers in the control of seed germination - Luis LopezMolina, PhD (University of Geneva) Luis.LopezMolina@unige.ch
  • Digital seeds transform seed testing – Jens Michael Carstensen (Videometer) / Presentation
  • Company presentation by SeedX on their AI vision acitivities – Jos Heldens (SeedX) / Presentation
  • Tolerant flower buds keep it cool; A mechanism for plants to reduce heat stress -
    Martijn Janssen (Radboud University) martijn.janssen@ru.nl
  • Protection and selective translation of long lived mRNAs during seed storage and
    germination - Kees Ketting (Wageningen University and Research) kees.ketting@wur.nl
  • An update on the Seeds for the Future initiative - Dr. Mariana Silva Artur (Wageningen University and Research) / Presentation
  • Creating impact with plant science research - Clemens Stolk (InnovaConnect) / Presentation
  • Understanding phenotypic plasticity of seed vigour in response to drought during
    seed production - Olivier Leprince (Institute de Recherche en Horticulture et Semences) olivier.leprince@agrocampus-ouest.fr
  • The future of seed technology: Time for the tiny - Steven Groot (Wageningen
    University and Research) / Presentation
  • The plant microbiome: seeding sustainable agriculture - Corné Pieterse (Utrecht
    University) / Presentation

Hope to see you next year.

For questions you can contact Monique van Vegchel

The Dutch Seed Symposium is an initiative of Dutch seed companies, associated with Plantum.

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