Invitation webinar Seed Technology

15/09/2020 - Monique van Vegchel

During this webinar you will hear from Frank Lanfermeijer, who talks about real life examples illustrating the complexity of seed quality control. You will also hear from Nikita Sajeev, who talks about seeds deciding if and when to germinate. 

While this is different from the Dutch Seed Symposium, we hope this webinar inspires you and we will see you again at the Dutch Seed Symposium 2021.

Date            :   6 October 2020
Time            :  14.00 – 15.00 p.m. CEST

Speakers     :  
Frank Lanfermeijer – Bejo Zaden
Seed Quality: Sowing Dragon Teeth in order to Harvest Armed Men                         

Seed quality depends on genetics, production (environment) and processing. During recent years studies have revealed a complex picture concerning the control of seed quality. Using real life examples this complex matter will be discussed.

Nikita Sajeev – Wageningen University & Research
Regulation of Seed Germination – The check-point hypothesis

Seeds sense their environment continuously in order to make the crucial decision: if and when they should germinate. Protein translation is one such way in which seeds can dynamically regulate germination in response to their environment.

Registration is open until October 1st 2020. Please register here with this LINK.

Technical details are shared a few days in advance of the webinar. 

We look forward to your presence at this stimulating webinar.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Monique van Vegchel.