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Onderstaand vindt u een overzicht van de verschillende opleidingen, workshops en cursussen die een directe link hebben met de sector zaden en jonge planten. Door te klikken op de link komt u terecht op de websitepagina van de aanbieder.

WUR Online Course Cold Storage of Apples and Pears

Datum 30/06/2021
Locatie Online

Do you want to unveil all facets of storing freshly harvested top fruit in the best possible way? Improve your understanding of the physiological processes but also the technical background of cooling systems and controlled atmosphere (CA) storage? Do you want to distinguish between main and side issues to make the best decisions for long term storage of apples and pears? Then this online course is something for you.

It enables you to study the learning materials at your own pace and place. start anytime (self-paced)

WUR Cursus Data analysis for Metabolomics

Datum 07/04/2022
Locatie Wageningen Campus

Metabolomics experiments based on mass spectrometry (MS) or nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) produce large and complex data sets. This course will introduce approaches to process and analyse data and design high-quality experiments.