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Cursus Towards data-driven agri-food business

Datum 28/11/2019
Locatie Wageningen

Digitalization, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence provide unprecedented opportunities for food production. The battle for data from farmer to consumer has begun! Data-driven agri-food business requires re-thinking of changing institutional arrangements and fair business models. Concurrently, you have to deal with public concerns about privacy and distribution of power while there is also a strong movement to open up the data and algorithms for sake of food transparency. This course gives insight in Big Data applications and organizational issues concerning new business models for data sharing in agri-food business.

Symposium Advances in Plant and Food Metabolomics

Datum 12/12/2019
Locatie Wageningen

In recent years, exceptional progress has been made in the application of -omics based technologies in plant and food research. In the two previous symposia we tackled General Omics advances and then, Next Generation Sequencing. This time the topic is advances in metabolomics. Metabolomics is the technology focusing on the small molecules which are determinant in many important phenotypic aspects of plants and food – plant disease resistance, abiotic stress, food quality, shelf life, flavour and fragrance, health promotion, among others. Metabolomics is now in its 20th year and metabolomics-based approaches have become well established in the crop, food and seed industries as well as in the field of nutrition and medicine. This symposium on 12th December will focus on three main topics where metabolomics is making important inroads: i) crop breeding, ii) crop and food quality, and iii) environment and the circular economy. We have brought together a remarkable list of internationally-renowned expert speakers interspersed with local pitches to make this an unforgettable day!